ATA RiskStation™ Launches Comprehensive Risk Reporting Solution for Hedge Funds and Family Offices Powered by PortfolioScience

ATA RiskStation™ Launches Comprehensive Risk Reporting Solution for Hedge Funds and Family Offices Powered by PortfolioScience

New service combines in-depth portfolio risk reports with multi-model analytics and multi-scenario stress-testing

NEW YORK, NY and DALLAS, TX– (December3, 2012) – ATA RiskStation™, a newly launched provider or risk-reporting services for funds and investors, and PortfolioScience, a provider of on-demand risk management systems for hedge funds and hedge fund service providers, today announced the release of ATA RiskStation™, a new web-based risk reporting service providing a comprehensive daily review of risk exposures across managed portfolios and positions. The service is powered by PortfolioScience’s RiskAPI, an on demand, multi-asset risk analysis system.

“Our proprietary risk system fills a clear market gap for cost-effective but comprehensive risk modeling”, said Aladin Abughazaleh, a thirty-year veteran of the alternative investments industry and ATA RiskStation’s founder. “Our core premise is that no single measure of risk is perfect or reliably models downside exposure in all market conditions and for all portfolio types”. The service offers clients the ability to set up highly customized risk scenarios that use a variety of Value at Risk and stress testing models. In addition, for each model, clients can define a broad range of associated inputs or parameter sets. The analytics included in the system’s risk reports are powered by RiskAPI, PortfolioScience’s
on-demand API-based risk analysis service. “We are very excited to have been chosen by ATA RiskStation™ to power their ground-breaking portfolio risk reporting system”, said Ittai Korin, PortfolioScience’s President. “They have built an amazing set of reporting tools that
completely change the equation with regards to monitoring portfolio and position exposure”, Korin said.

ATA RiskStation™ is available as a monthly subscription offering clients access to a fullyintegrated, secure web-based reporting suite that includes automated daily processing and reporting on up to seventy-four user-defined risk scenarios. In addition, users are able to drill down to the detail supporting each risk scenario via a simple and highly intuitive graphical reporting formatto better understand the variables driving portfolio risk exposures.About ATA RiskStation™ ATA RiskStation™ was developed to meet the portfolio risk oversight needs of hedge funds, family offices, pension plans and endowments. The platform delivers a structured, customizable and repeatable daily process for assessing portfolio risk by leveraging a highly intuitive graphical reporting interface and delivering all this functionality at a price point that is truly market leading in terms of value.

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PortfolioScience specializes in risk management technology for financial institutions, investment services, financial advisors, and hedge funds. The company’s products allow fund managers, traders, and investors alike to access powerful risk analysis capabilities on demand. PortfolioScience creates turn-key risk management systems for institutional financial services, allowing them to provide their clients with portfolio risk analysis services virtually overnight.

Founded in 2000, the company serves a global client base spanning the brokerage, fund administrator, hedge fund, and mutual fund industries.

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