ATA RiskStation was created to help financial professionals to prepare for and mitigate risk

ATA RiskStation™ is targeted at organizations that do not have (or want) a sizeable internal technology footprint, a large dedicated risk team, do not enjoy an unlimited budget but still need a comprehensive, fast, customizable, repeatable and highly cost-effective solution for understanding their portfolio risks on a daily basis. Potential clients include broker dealers, RIAs, private banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, public and private pension plans, endowments, family offices and other institutional investors.

While ATA RiskStation™ leverages standardized processes, heavy automation and a secure cloud-based deployment to minimize costs to clients, all the risk, volatility and stress modeling configurations are fully customized for each client. A client can design risk scenarios (using the included VaR model options and stress testing methodologies) from scratch or edit and tailor a list of pre-existing sample risk scenarios to meet their own needs.

In other words, once the client determines all the views of risk that they want to see every day,  ATA RiskStation™ does all the heavy lifting to process and deliver a comprehensive daily reporting suite to the client’s desktop via a secure web reporting portal.

The insights provided by ATA RiskStation are tailored for three core groups

Advisors, Broker Dealers and Wealth Advisors

Help clients stay on plan, expand wallet share with existing clients and successfully compete for new client relationships.

Broker dealers and Banks:  With new regulations on the way, do you have a fully automated mechanism in place to confirm that current client portfolio risks are aligned with current client risk tolerances?  We can help.

Investment Managers

Not all managers are in a race with stock market returns. Many strategies, by design, assume much less risk than equities so can be overlooked by return-based filters that miss superior risk/reward characteristics.

Better articulate the risks embedded in your strategies and more effectively communicate with advisers, consultants and institutional investors about the stability of your strategy’s risk profile over time.

Institutional Investors

Today’s historically low rate environment makes achieving long-term return targets a real challenge without assuming incremental risk.

Empower a small internal team to monitor and report on daily risk across all manager allocations individually and for the portfolio as a whole.

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$ /
Roll Up Reporting of All Accounts
50 Customizable Risk Scenarios
Index-Based Stress Testing
Customizable Shock Factors
Instrument-Level Risk Drill Down
Time Series Reporting
Automated Customizable Risk Alerts
Option Greeks
Data Exports to PDF, CSV and Excel
Intuitive Graphical Reporting
Risk Utility Model - Automated Daily Processing
On-Line Help
DOL Risk Compliance Support - E-Mail Alerts for Client Portfolio Risk Mismatches
Cloud-Based - No Software to Buy, Learn
Automated Data Harvesting - No Manual Loading of Positions
$ /
All features of Essentials Plus:
100 Customizable Risk Scenarios
Multiple VaR Models and Parameters
Non-Index Based Stress Testing
Back Processing
Permission Report Access for Third-Parties WITH Position-Level Drill Down
Permission Report Access for Third-Parties WITHOUT Position-Level Drill Down
$ /
All features of Professional Plus:
Multi-Level Processing
Customized Account Roll Up Options
Pro Rata Position Processing